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I develop training designed to help organizations gain greater knowledge, understanding, awareness, and techniques for enhancing diversity and inclusion. I have worked with a wide rage of organizations in the education, nonprofit, higher education, and social services sectors. I will bring the following to your organization:

  • 22 years experience as a trainer and facilitator
  • 22 years developing curriculum and training tools for training programs
  • 22 years working in organizations that focus on diversity and inclusion
  • 22 years providing training and technical assistance to community organizations using engaging, personable and experiential techniques
  • 15 years training trainers
  • 8 years working in national organizations collaborating and conducting trainings with organizations nationwide

Unweaving the Web: Developing Pro-Black & Anti-Racist Organizations

Anti-Blackness is embedded within organizational policies and procedures. Traditional ways of forming and running nonprofit and for profit companies inherently contain anti-Black structural ideologies. Conventional training and learning programs have organizations create new policies and procedures without addressing the roots of the old ones. This course takes a deeper look at organizational systems to uproot their anti-Black and racist origins. Once these systematic origins are addressed a new vision and plan can be created.  These new systems deconstruct racist and anti-Black ways of being and build a pro-Black and anti-racist system and culture that values Black people rather than fail them.  This course contains 6 modules:

Seeing The Big Picture

Examine systems of oppression operating on three levels:

  • Individual
    • Early Messages 
    • Internalized Anti-Blackness
  • Interpersonal
    • Color Blindness 
    • Performative Allyship 
  • Institutional
    • Anti-Black Hiring Practices 
    • Institutional Micro-aggressions

Deepening Understanding

Discuss how Anti-Black racism is both different from and connected to other forms of op-pression

Addressing Cultural Values

Identify how levels in the system of oppression operate in relationship to one another and recognize that change cannot happen without an approach that addresses each level

Drawing Connections

Identify how levels in the system of oppression operate in relationship to one another and recognize that change cannot happen without an approach that addresses each level

Developing a Vision

Develop a plan for shifting organizational practices and culture that is anti-racist and pro-Black

Sustaining the Vision

Develop strategies to assess and maintain anti-racist and pro-Black systems

Social Art Box for Teams

Social Art Box for Teams is a unique subscription service that will help take some of the difficulty and negative stigma away from discussing racial justice. It helps people take actionable steps toward anti-racism. Each month a member of the Social Art Box team will facilitate a 90 minute workshop about that month’s box on a virtual platform. This discussion will include strategies to help you create an inclusive organization.

Subscribers receive a fine art print that relates to anti-racism. You will also get a digital download of information and resources to help people understand the topic. Social Art Box also includes 4 actions and 4 affirmations. The actions are steps that can be taken to help you be an anti-racist. The affirmations are designed to uplift Black people. White and non-black people of color are encouraged to give the affirmations to Black people. Black people are encouraged to pass the actions along to white people and non-black people of color interested in becoming allies to Black folks. Find out more at:

How it Works

Your organization must sign up for the first 4 month’s required topics. After the first four months you can choose any topics from the list below.

Boxes can be mailed together to your office or separately to each team member. We will work with your organization to decide on a regular date and time to have monthly discussions. The Social Art Box team will send a link to the virtual meeting.

Each month you will receive :

  • Giclee Print for each employee
  • Set of Action Cards for each team member (digital)
  • Set of Affirmation Cards for each team member (digital)
  • Topic Info Sheet for each team member (digital)
  • 90 minute discussion about the month’s topic

Required Monthly Topics

  • White Fragility
  • Truth Telling
  • What is Whiteness?
  • Decolonize Your Thinking

Optional Monthly Topics

  • The Impact of Enslavement in the US
  • Systematic Oppression
  • What is Anti-Blackness?
  • Equality vs Equity
  • What is White Supremacy?
  • Capitalism and Race
  • Prisons & Policing

  • Housing Disparities
  • Health Disparities
  • Understanding Reparations
  • How to be anti- racist
  • Standards of Beauty
  • Representation in the Media
  • Intersectionality


Stand Alone Program

4 Month – $140 per person per month

6 Month – $120 per person per month

12 Month – $110 per person per month

18 Month – $100 per person per month

Follow-Up to Any Training

4 Month – $120 per person per month

6 Month – $110 per person per month

12 Month – $100 per person per month

18 Month – $90 per person per month

*Monthly and one time payments accepted

*Minimum number of participants: 10

Navigating the Intergenerational Workplace

This interactive workshop is designed to build your organization’s capacity to manage diverse working styles across generations.

As a result of this workshop participants will:

  • Increase their knowledge and understanding of five generations in the workforce today
  • Enhance comprehension of how generational differences affect their work
  • Strategize and make a plan for how to manage generational differences within their teams

 LGBTQ 101 

This interactive workshop offers strategies and resources on creating an inclusive environment for LGBTQ people. It examines stereotypes that exist about LGBTQ, straight and cisgender people, as well as to the kinds of messages that all of us have grown up hearing, taking in, and coping with about the LGBTQ community.

As a result of this workshop participants will learn:

  • LGBTQ definitions and terminology
  • The differences between homophobia and heterosexism, sex, gender identity, gender expression, and sexual orientation
  • Strategies on how to create an inclusive environment for LGBTQ people
  • What it means to work with LGBTQ people from an intersectional perspective

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