“As the Director of Programs Amena Johnson showed incredible adeptness in all of the areas of her job. She brought skill and knowledge of strategic planning and program initiative and management not only to her staff but also to the Directors team. She had keen assessment and approachability not only of her employees and co-workers but also the youth that she worked for. I would highly recommend Amena for a variety of organizational leadership positions.” – SM, Former Director of Clinical Services, SMYAL

“Amena posses the creative guidance, professional demeanor, energetic attitude, and strong leadership abilities. She carried an unwaiving commitment to exceeding organizations program expectations. Amena is reliable, organized and diligent. I am glad to have had the opportunity to work with Amena, who is a hardworking management professional.” -LG, Program Analyst – Executive Office of the Mayor, Government of the District of Columbia

“When I was still new to the field of Diversity & Inclusion, I had the privilege of working under Amena for three consecutive summers at a Diversity-themed week-long retreat for youth sponsored by the NCCJ. From Amena, I learned a great deal about grace under pressure, working through resistance, and translating a passion for diversity and social justice into the ability to inspire others. I hold Amena in the highest regard, recommend her wholeheartedly, and would welcome the opportunity to work with her again.” –EP, Senior Consultant, Cook Ross

Program Management

“Amena facilitated my interactions with the National office, and local visits in a professional and organized manner. She ensured my local chapter’s accountability to our programming standards through insightful operations management and programmatic best practices from her years in organizing. Her skill and experience is equally matched by her passion and commitment for social justice initiatives. I felt fortunate to have worked and learned from her during her time with GLSEN” – JD, Program Coordinator, Metro Omaha Tobacco Action Coalition

“Amena was an excellent program manager. She was organized and knew how to talk to you so that you heard her. She gave great advice and guidance and I’d be honored to work with her again.” – MG, Former Public Ally, Public Allies Delaware


“As a volunteer for SMYAL, Amena was instrumental in moving the volunteers to action. Before Amena came on board, I sat on the sidelines wanting to get involved by there was no one to organize the volunteer pool. Within a short period of time, I was involved.
I also volunteered as a mentor because Amena saw a void in the SMYAL organization that had been overlooked. Amena saw that my talents could be matched in a way that both myself and the mentee could grow.” – JM, Supervisory Management & Program Analyst, US Federal Government

“I reported directly to Dr. Amena Johnson in my daily tasks. As a mentor, Dr. Johnson always created an environment where I could ask questions, make mistakes, and professionally grow in every task that I did for the office…As a long-time trainer, Dr. Johnson was an excellent teacher and mentor for me as I began to learn the material, develop facilitation skills, and bring my own voice into the program itself. She always celebrated my successes and worked with me on any areas that needed improvement.” -DC, Program Coordinator, George Mason University


“I have worked with Dr. Johnson through a professional development program entitled, The Inclusive Learning Community. As a trainer on the leadership team she is a dynamic, well-informed, engaging facilitator. Many of the training topics are highly charged and Dr. Johnson navigates their complex discussions with patience, thoughtfulness and finesse. She is highly respected by both peers and students as a mentor, advocate and leader. These qualities are also seen in the classroom where I have observed her teaching style.
I give Dr. Johnson my highest recommendation given her professionalism, adaptability, expertise and leadership skills.” – JC, Associate Dean, George Mason University


“As the Director of Women and Gender Studies I have had the opportunity to conduct evaluations of her teaching and to read her teaching evaluations. With regards to her teaching evaluations, despite this being her first teaching experience in Women and Gender Studies, her evaluations were among the highest of all instructors to have taught this course, and among the highest of all of those teaching in Women and Gender Studies the last several years. Dr. Johnson is an outstanding classroom instructor and I would not hesitate to appoint her in the future. In fact, were we given an additional faculty position, Dr. Johnson would be an excellent candidate for such a position.” – AH, Director of Women and Gender Studies, George Mason University

“I have had an incredible time in this course this semester, and I have had so many moments that made me think and rethink my role in the community. Thank you so much for teaching what was such a critical course in such an open and accessible way. I learned so much from you as a professor, and in class discussions, and I know that what I have learned will impact me going forward as an activist, a social worker, and a human being.” -AP, Student in Bias in the LGBTQ Community